Our Land

Claudia Matoos is concerned with the “Our Land” and the environmental and climate issues. She believes that our Planet is a living organism. In this series, the artist proposes a reflection on our responsibility to preserve forests, with the awareness of sustainable attitudes, on a global level.

This artwork proposes a question: is the Amazon Rainforest for sale? In this painting we see a barcode over the Forest, with the aim of alerting everyone that the great biomes of the Earth are priceless! There is no way for future generations to survive on a devastated planet.

The tree represented – the Sumaúma, is a colossal tree, which reaches 50 meters in height. It is considered by the indigenous people as a sacred tree, mother of all trees and a ladder to heaven. She is one of the symbols of the “Amazônia.”

Amazon Rainforest: Is it for sale? Claudia Matoos. Acrylic painting on canvas, 200 cm X 110 cm, 2019, Portugal. (All rigths reserved)

This painting below represents a strong look wich promotes a reflection on the ills experienced by indigenous peoples in the Amazon Rain Forest. The red spot, which runs through the forest, is an alert.
At this turbulent time in Brazil, it is essential that we all become aware that it is essential to preserve forests and areas destined for indigenous peoples, who are vulnerable, given the advance of agribusiness. These indigenous communities, their culture, values ​​and wisdom need to be preserved and deserve all our respect, worldwide! These peoples are intertwined with Mother Nature, they are part of “Our Land“.

Our Land. Claudia Matoos. Acrylic painting on canvas, 80 cm X 60 cm, 2020, Portugal. (All rights reserved)

Primitive Forest“proposes a reflection on time, which is relentless. The actions of men, their unbridled ambition, have caused deforestation.
This painting deepens the idea that the Primitive Forest, Mother Nature, is a source of life, but it could quickly run out.
We are part of Nature and we must re-establish our connections with the environment.
We need to act in defense of life across Planet Earth.
The awareness for environmental preservation, responsible actions, can guarantee the life of future generations.
The “Primitive Forest,” represented here, is a symbol of all the Forests on our Planet.

Primitive Forest. Claudia Matoos. Acrylic painting on canvas, 50 cm X 40 cm, 2020, Portugal. (All rights reserved)