Short Bio

CLAUDIA MATOOS  is a Brazilian artist who lives in Portugal since 2013. She realizes a personal project: “Art & Territory Project”. Currently she develops her researches and artworks on the theme “Connections” in two strands of territory: the “Connections with the Landscape” and the “Connections in Virtual Territories”.

Cláudia believes that the planet Earth is a living organism and thinks that contemporary man must feel and be aware of these connections with nature and, at the same time, become aware that the internet and the other technologies create spaces and territories in new existential dimensions.


This artist immerses herself in the pine forests, the cork oaks fields and olive groves, in the surroundings of her atelier. The landscape is always in a man-made continual change. Some changes are captured by Cláudia, in photos and filming. In her artistic process she observes, photographs small details of nature, makes quick sketches and collects various local organic materials, to build her visual search archive. These paintings are the expression of the metaphysical look of Cláudia Matoos beyond the landscape. For her, the Mediterranean landscape is a “Laboratory of Creation”.


The artist is working on this series and proposes a reflection on the virtual territory used as space of connection between people of different continents, who can experience together a symbolic moment of the daily life. Cláudia Matoos analyzes new territories that arise from recent technologies.

In her artistic process she observes, photographs small details and scenes from the everyday life of contemporary man, makes quick sketches and thus, she forms her personal archive to then realizes her paintings.

Cláudia Matoos questions how the contemporary man can deal with real and virtual spaces, without losing the connection with himself. “Are we all really connected?”

– She holds several solo and collective international exhibitions.

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